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Enormous marine pollution after sinking of product tanker Agia Zoni II off Pireaus

Maritime News September 13, 2017

Greece oil spot

Greece is fighting with an ecological disaster in the area of ​​Salamina Island. A huge oil spill hit the shores of the tourist resort after product tanker Agia Zoni II with 2500 tons of fuel sank at Piraeus anchorage. Local residents say the authorities have not done enough to prevent pollution. A fuel spot that extends more than a kilometer and a half and complete cleaning will take months. Despite the efforts of the rapid response teams, much of the fuel has reached the southern part of the island and has caused a real eco-catastrophe.

It is alleged that the crew has managed to block the piercings and prevent the leakage of at least 90% of the oil, but according to residents of Salamina, the size of the spill indicates another.

“It is a real disaster. I do not know if this place will ever be fit for habitation again. I do not understand how this happened. Before we entered with our fishing boats at sea and the fish literally jumped to us. Someone has to take responsibility for what happened”, commented Panayotis Zorbas, a resident of Salamina Island.

“This is a crime. If they had taken measures in time, oil would not reach the coast. They had to clean up the spill yesterday”, adds another resident of the island.

On Sunday, product tanker Agia Zoni II with a load of 2200 tons of oil and 370 tons of marine fuel sank near the shorts of Pireaus. The crew is unharmed, but the reasons for sinking the tanker are still unknown.

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